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Roller – Sheepsfoot or Smooth Drum 54″ ride-on

Roller - Sheepsfoot or Smooth Drum 54" ride-on


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Smooth or Sheepsfoot tackles the toughest jobs.

The SAKAI SV201-1

The SAKAI SV201-1 Series Vibratory Single Drum Compactors are designed for a variety of small to medium projects such as large trenches, site preparation and utility work. The SV201-1 Series offer a number of standard features found on SAKAI’s larger sin- gle drum rollers such as a high compaction force, superior trac- tion, unique hitch design, patented shock isolation system, supe- rior serviceability, ROPS and seatbelts as well as a two brake, three-way failsafe braking system and a comfortable operating station. SAKAI offers four different SV201-1 models to meet a variety of soil types and application requirements.

SV201D-1 Smooth drum roller with drum and axle drives is well suited for use on sand, gravel and semi-cohesive soils.

SV201T-1 Padfoot drum roller with drum and axle drives for use on clays, silts and cohesive soils.

SV201TB-1 Padfoot drum roller with added strike-off blade is perfect for backfilling and leveling applications.

SV201TF-1 Offers a bolt-on smooth drum shell that mounts over the padfoot drum for quick drum switches to meet a variety of soil requirements.

Category: Compaction Equipment

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