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Air Cleaning
OZONE GENERATOR The Oasis Plus Ozone Generator performance features include the a hermetically sealed severe application transformer designed specifically for harsh electrical and environmental demands imposed by continuous-duty corona disc Read More
HEPA filtered air scrubber, requires a $150.00 filter Many uses to insure indoor air quality in restoration, remediation, remodeling, and construction. Video    Guide to Air Scrubbing  Owners Manual
Air Compressors
185CFM Diesel Air Compressor is the backbone of our fleet. Able to operate a variety of tools that we have available for rent, including; Paving Breakers, Rock Drills, Rock Splitter, Abrasive Blasters, Air Powered Saws, Crack Sealers, etc. Read More
400CFM Air Compresor with Aftercooler and Air Drier. Restoration contractors prefer this machine for Dry Ice Blasting and any other work that requires a high volume of cooled and dried air. 100 psig (7 bar) / 400 cfm (12 m³/min) / 150 psig Read More
375 CFM Diesel Air Compressor- Contractors choice for larger jobs. Great for commercial blowouts and plant shutdown work. Requires 2-5/16″ Ball Hitch. Sullivan-Palatek D375Q7JD -CFM: 375 -Engine HP:115, 123 -Height: 62″ – 68″ -Lengt Read More
We have various models similar to this, specs are all similar also. Great for powering nail guns. Not enough volume for running air grinders or polishers or blowing out plumbing systems. Features: -Dual soft start valves assist in cold weat Read More
The Rol-Air 4090HK17 gas powered air compressor is equipped with the durable Honda 5.5HP 4 cycle engine. This compressor was designed with the professional in mind. A well-balanced setup ensures easy transportation. Additional features a si Read More
Auto Tools
Portable Knock Down Engine Hoist for easy transport We also have pullers, ball joint presses, and coil spring compressors
Compaction Equipment
1000lb. class. Diesel Powered our largest plate Compaction of granular, cohesive and mixed soils Backfill around footings and foundations Backfilling trenches Compaction of basematerial for driveways and sidewalks
300lb. class for higher lift and larger jobs
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