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Rototiller Rear Tine Hyd. w/Trailer

Rototiller Rear Tine Hyd. w/Trailer


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This is our customers favorite. At first glance it might seem like overkill, but the Barreto 13hp trencher has the power for our tough soil conditions. The tines reverse direction for soil blending and amending.


All hydraulic means easy maintenance, no downtime and the most efficient use of your horsepower to get the job done. Weight, balance, stability and tine speed allow this tiller to work where others can’t. The open design makes for easy access to the hydraulics when maintaining or repairing. The heavy design means your tiller works for you instead of tossing you around. The tine drive motor is directly mounted to the tine shaft resulting in a system so durable the original tiller was rented out for more than 20 years. Counter-rotating tines break up the most difficult soil, clay or sod. The wheel drive and tine drive work independently of each other to allow your tilling travel speed to be adjusted to the soil conditions.


The operator friendly controls couldn’t be easier: one handle to set the tine drive and one to adjust the wheel drive. Just engage the clutch lever, use the variable speed drive to adjust the ground speed and engage the tines when you are ready to till. If you need to stop for a moment, just drop the clutch and the tines and wheels will stop, leaving your engine running and ready to pick up where you left off.

Category: Lawn & Garden
Video: <a href="" target="blank">Front Tine vs. Rear Tine Video</a>

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