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Heater Diesel 1ml BTU w/Generator

Heater Diesel 1ml BTU w/Generator


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Allmand MH-1000 Maxi Heat – 1,000,000Btu, Diesel Trailer mounted indirect fired heater

16′ x 6′ 8″ Liquid cooled diesel Glow plug starting assist 8 KW AVR regulation

Two (2) I.C.E. Frost Fighter OHV 500 indirect fired heating units, 500,000 BTU/HR*

Flexible ducting easily connects to heat outputs

Total of 5600 CFM from twin fans*

• Adjustable height, reversible 2″ ball and 3″ diameter pintle hitch

• Front and rear screw jacks
• Instrument panel and controls
• Hour meter
• Circuit breakers for heaters
• Elastomer ducting
• Duct storage

More than 24 hours run time must use No. 1 fuel oil

Generator 1.08 GPH at full load* Each 500,000 BTU heater 3.5 GPH.

8.08 GPH at full load/output
: 191.1 usable U.S. gal.

3,500 Ibs. dry 4,651 Ibs. with fuel

• Indirect combustion ensures only clean, breathable air is entering the work area

• 191 gallon fuel capacity provides over 25 hours of continuous operation without refueling

• Twin heater units, producing a maximum of 1,010,000 combined BTUs, may be operated independently depending on heating requirements. Standard 16 inch heater outlet flanges and optional exible ducting provide a wide variety of heat distribution options.

• Isuzu liquid-cooled 1800-rpm diesel engine with 9 kW transformer-regulated generator provides power to operate heater blowers and safety systems

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