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Abrasive Blaster 3.5cu.ft. dry

Abrasive Blaster 3.5cu.ft. dry


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3.5 cu.ft. capacity for jobs big and small.

Use with the 185cfm compressor for most jobs, or upgrade to the 400cfm compressor with moisture separator for the biggest jobs, such as a log cabin. We have an air fed hood available for your safety and comfort.

As you probably know, we no longer use sand, as silica dust causes immediate lung damage. There are various “abrasive media” available for your job. Popular ones are Coal Slag/Black Beauty, Corn Cobs, Walnut Shells, etc.  Please contact United Western in Denver @ 303-388-2779 for the various products available. Their website has more information. You will need to pick up the blast material in Denver.

Using this machine requires preplanning. Please call us for more information or to discuss options such as a High Pressure Washer with the Wet Sand Blasting attachment.

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Category: Pressure Washers & Mediablasting

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