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Below is a list of all our rental products. Click on an image to learn more about each product.

Excavation & Dirtwork

  • Skidsteer S650 – Bobcat

    Our largest wheeled skid steer. Great for the big jobs. Makes quick work for snow removal too! The S650 has an operating weight of 8,327 lbs, which is 19% heavier than the average compact skid steer loader. With a net power output of 74 HP, it is 8.8% more powerful than a typical competing model in its class. It […]

  • Trench Box 6’h x 8’l x 3’w aluminum

    Use this trench shoring box for personal protection before climbing into a deep trench. Lightweight aluminum is only 550lbs. total and can be disassembled into 2 panels plus the braces. 8’long x 6’high & 3′ wide

  • Excavator- Doosan DX140LC

    File images, our Excavator is brand new and is equipped with a hydraulic thumb! The DX140LC delivers excellent performance in the 12-14 metric ton size class. It shares the performance, reliability and comfort advantages of larger Doosan crawler excavators. Performance equals productivity, and the DX140LC has an unbeatable engine and hydraulic system. The high pressure […]

  • Bobcat E85 Mini-Excavator

    As the largest compact excavator in the Bobcat® lineup, the minimal tail swing E85 compact excavator has powerful hydraulics and fast cycle times to power through the most demanding jobs. At 18,960lbs., a strategic size between the E50 and the 31,000lb Doosan Excavator. Indian Peaks now has every size machine you could possibly need. Enjoy […]

  • Mini-Excavator E50 – Bobcat

    Note: In this class we have both E50 minimal tail swing and 435 zero tail swing machines. All models have switchable controls and hydraulic thumbs. We will strive to accommodate your machine preference. The E50 and its 435 cousin, makes lifting heavier loads simpler with its minimal tail swing action with less than an inch […]

  • Mini-Excavator E35 – Bobcat

    The E35 is a zero tail swing (ZTS) model in the Bobcat® M-Series compact excavators. With ZTS, you gain unrestricted rotation and greater flexibility when you work close to objects or walls. ZTS reduces damage to the machine and surrounding property, giving you lower operating costs. M-Series models provide improved digging performance, more usable power, […]

  • Mini-Excavator E20 – Bobcat

    Hydraulically retract the undercarriage to only 39 inches to travel through gates or between homes, and then expand to 54 inches for a wider footprint and greater performance. The extra reach of the Bobcat E20 enables you to reach farther and dig faster with minimal repositioning. Equipped with the same hydraulic system as a larger […]

  • Skidsteer MT55 – Bobcat

    The MT55 boasts even more power to tackle big jobs in close quarters with impressive traction and lifting abilities. It turns quickly in its tracks, treads lightly over soft ground and lawns and provides endless work-saving opportunities using many different Bobcat attachments. Used by itself or as a complement to bigger loaders, this is one […]

  • Skidsteer S570 – Bobcat

    68″ Bucket is standard, 1850lb. lift rating Options include: Snow Bucket, Grapple Bucket, Post Hole Digger, Fork, Sweeper, Brush Mower, Concrete Breaker, Tooth Bucket, Cab and Heat, Tire Chains. This versatile loader gives the operator the best of both worlds. A vertical lift path loader, plus great visibility with the low-profile lift arm design. This […]

  • Skidsteer T190 – Bobcat

    With its vertical lift, the T190 is ideal for lift and carry jobs and for loading trucks. Plus, it maneuvers easily when space is limited.The T190 is essentially an S185 with Tracks. Better Stability, better maneuverability, better in soft or on uneven ground. Usually a better choice when using the brush mower or grapple bucket […]