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Indian Peaks rental products-

Below is a list of all our rental products. Click on an image to learn more about each product.

Compaction Equipment

  • Trench Roller

    Remote controlled, diesel powered trench roller. Used in trenches, basements, foundations, and wherever fill compaction is needed

  • Smooth Drum Roller – 48

    48″ diesel powered roller for the bigger jobs. Great for road base and recycled asphalt driveways

  • 300 lb. Reversible Compactor Plate

    300lb. reversible is great for maximum compaction in tight spots. lifting eye for easy insertion into basements, trenches, or footings Much easier to handle inside the foundation compared to a non-reversible plate

  • 1000 lb. Reversible Compactor Plate

    1000lb. class. Diesel Powered our largest plate Compaction of granular, cohesive and mixed soils Backfill around footings and foundations Backfilling trenches Compaction of basematerial for driveways and sidewalks

  • 300 lb. Compactor Plate

    300lb. class for higher lift and larger jobs

  • 200 lb. Compactor Plate

    Our most popular size Compaction of awide variety of sand, gravel and granular base materials. Hot and cold asphalt patching. available with a water tank available with a urethane plate for compacting pavers

  • Compactor – Jumping Jack

    A POWER-PACKED UNIT: MODEL BT 65 FOR MAXIMUM COMPACTION PERFORMANCE. The most powerful tamper in its class: for heavy-duty usage, the best compaction results and overall efficiency. The reference class for professional users. Great for trenches, backfilling, and around foundations. Our Bomags are the contractors choice and far outperform the competition at our altitude. Specs

  • Smooth Drum Roller 36

    36″ wide vibratory roller is great for driveways and also can be used on lawns in static mode

  • Roller Sheepsfoot 48

    Our ‘lil Rascal may not be the prettiest item we have, but it sure can get the job done on large fill projects and is also pretty handy in tight spaces. Front knock down blade, helps keep everything level.

  • Roller – Sheepsfoot or Smooth Drum 54″ ride-on

    Smooth or Sheepsfoot tackles the toughest jobs. The SAKAI SV201-1 The SAKAI SV201-1 Series Vibratory Single Drum Compactors are designed for a variety of small to medium projects such as large trenches, site preparation and utility work. The SV201-1 Series offer a number of standard features found on SAKAI’s larger sin- gle drum rollers such […]