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Why Indian Peaks Rental?

In the early spring of 2005, Mike Leiser approached his ski-school buddy, Mike Giesie, about a business idea. It wasn’t a new business, as Leiser had been in the equipment rental industry since he was a 10 years old, but rather a re-birth.

It had been 5 years since Leiser had sold his tool and equipment rental store, Indian Peaks Rent-all, to Wagner Rents in Granby and Leiser was ready to open up shop again. He knew Giesie’s background in excavation, construction, semi-truck driving, as well as his experience with managing employees. Leiser thought with their combined experience, a rental store would have a great chance of being successful.

Mike Giesie – who had been contemplating business ideas with his fiancé, Becca Lawson – agreed that this type of rental store was definitely needed in the community. Becca pulled together a business plan while wrapping up her software consulting job. With the help from his friend, Mark Ellis, Giesie built the first building of the current Indian Peaks Rental on Giesie’s property at County Road 85 and US Highway 40. Becca purchased the computer software and hardware and started inventorying the tools and equipment that Leiser purchased from a rental store that was closing in Pueblo, and a large consolidation in the front range.  To complete the picture, Jon Smith, who owned Continental Service, a small engine and tool repair company came to work for them as the mechanic. Jon has since moved on. Indian Peaks wishes him all the best and appreciates the contributions he has made.

While Mike Leiser continues to teach skiing, he is also a vibrant part of team Indian Peaks. He offers his expertise from his 50years in and around the equipment rental industry, and works as needed to support our current staff. Mike Giesie does everything that needs to be done – from educating the customer in safe and proper use of a tool or piece of equipment, to delivery, to preparing the equipment to be rented again. He hasn’t been seen much lately as he just finished building his own home (with lots of Indian Peaks equipment) and has spent time helping some of our employees with their homes. Becca Giesie does the store’s business administration, keeps our computers up to date, and also backs up Chris and Bob on the rental counter.

Bob Garrett joined us in 2015, bringing past equipment rental experience, along with intimate knowledge of the area. His grandfather homesteaded at what is now the bottom of Lake Granby. Bob is now our general manager. Chris Wood, who is the familiar voice on the phone, joined us 2 years ago as our rental coordinator. He works hard juggling equipment from one job to another and making sure you get the equipment you need. Shelby Garrett and John Fiorello oversee the service side of Indian Peaks, making sure our equipment runs as it should and is safe. Working with them is Johnny McLinden, Dan Krueger, and Chris Dutt. Our newest team members, Hunter Leroux and Thomas Garrett, all young and new in 2018, round out our customer service team. We are always looking for another hand or two that can provide a benefit for our customers. All veterans are encouraged to apply.

We strive to provide you with the right equipment to get your project done and provide you advice on your job, along with familiarizing you with our tools.

Customer service is the primary focus for all of us here at Indian Peaks Rental. Chances are, one of us has done the same job you are trying to do. Our goal is to get you the right tools and equipment and provide the knowledge you need to do the job right. If you are not sure how to accomplish the task, give us a call.

We want you to feel that renting from us is “The Smart Way to Get Things Done!”